About Us


A self reliant empowered sustainable overall development of healthy, happy and peaceful global society.

‘Service to humanity and environment is service to God’


‘Save earth to save life’ or ‘Save life to save earth’ (Because, there is only one earth where life exists in the whole universe i.e.,)

‘One Earth - One Life - One Vision’


  • Environment education and awareness,
  • Health, Education and community development and empowerment.
  • Natural resources management and protection of environment.
  • Children's, Student, youth and women overall development and empowerment.
  • Rain water harvesting, integrated watershed development, soil conservation,
  • ecosystem management, dry land development, social forest implementation, agricultural development, plantations etc.,.
  • Community based primary health care and HIV/AIDS awareness etc.,
  • Socio-economic empowerment and social welfare management.
  • Art, cultural, spiritual, peace, healthy and happiness development.
  • Training, research, advocacy, consultancy and capacity building service etc.,
  • through organizing programmes and implementing projects etc.,.


  • Creating and organizing environment awareness, education programmes and projects, seminars, rallies, competitions, workshops, trainings, exhibitions, eco-clubs, stage plays, quiz, nature watch, bird watch, forest watch, discussions, field studies, cleanliness, sapling distribution, plantations, survey, research, recognitions, awards, emission test camps, ecological centre, celebrations of international world environment day, earth day, ozone day, water day etc., among children's, student, youth and women in particular, public in general at rural and urban to understand various environmental issues to making them eco-conscious to developing innovative solution, sensitivity, skill development to positive attitude towards environment to promote a culture of safeguarding environment to integrate sustainable livelihood improvement through participatory approach. To provide, support and assists formal and non-formal education facilities for the poor and needy including health services.
  • To provide, help, assist and support formers to adopt and sustain through changing climatic conditions through better management of natural resources and to plan, improve and implement programmes and project on nursery development, sapling distribution, plantation, arboriculture and income generation activities, pond and lake development, dry land development, watershed development, social forestry, animal husbandry, fissuring, organic farming, horticulture etc., to manage livelihoods on sustainable basis. To produce resource information, materials, stage plays, documentary films, serials, publications, poster etc., and to telecast and distribute the same.
  • To provide, help, assist and support farmers with the help of experts to make betterment choices of crops, cropping systems and farming system and enable them to adopt the ecological agriculture practices and other issues in collaboration with local communities and institutions for improvement of socio-economic status of poor and vulnerable sections of the society. Promote health and self reliance among deprived and vulnerable communities. Establish nurseries, biodiversity parks, seed banks, herbal garden etc.,
  • To facilitate local people, NGO's, institutions or local groups to be effective in their action to serve the community better and to design, development and implement project for rural as well as urban communities particularly the weaker section so as to achieve sustainable development.
  • To provide, to undertake and to establish education, education institution, environment school and training centre, centre for natural resources management, research and development, environment museum etc., and education institutions, distribution of education aids, scholarships, to create awareness, health care, poverty improvement support and service for the poor and needy, socially backward, old age, child labor, aids and HIV, unemployment, child marriage, alcoholism etc., at rural and urban to endeavor for the overall development to eradicate the ignorance of poor villagers and build a good society.
  • To form self help group in the community and develop women federations for empowerment and overall development of women and other weaker sections. To work in collaboration with national and international agencies for the benefit of the rural and urban poor and children's, student, youth and women in particular.
  • To implement, guide, understand, maintain and co-ordinate any programmes and projects pertaining to socio-economic, health, education, cultural and spiritual environment sustainable livelihood to make them socially and environmentally aware and active for their development and self empowerment. To plan, development and implement cultural and spiritual programmes and project including drama, dance, song, katha-keerthana, bharathanatya etc., and to organize sports event etc., for the benefit of children's, student, youth, women and general public for the cultural and spiritual development to understand the relationship between people and their environment and to inspire towards conservation of nature and its natural resources.
  • To work in collaboration with state, national and international agencies for the benefit of rural and urban overall betterment.

We confident that inspired children's, student and youth will take personal responsibility, act voluntarily by becoming environment conservation leaders when they become valuable citizens for sustainable livelihood, thereby they lead a healthy, happy and peaceful long life.

We need your valuable support to 'Save earth to save life' or 'Save life to save earth' mission. Pleases join hand with us by extending your valuable support to provide services to society for protection and maintenance of clean and green environment to have healthy, happy and peaceful long life to overcome birth and death decease of Cancer, Asthma, Hear attach, Heart weak, Blood Pressure, Diabetics etc., and to controlling Global warming, Ozone depletion etc., for overall global betterment of present and future generations.

Trust has intend to strengthen its existing services and also broad its reach to the people. It has plan to initiate development programmes, projects, seminars, conferences, campaigns, eco-clubs etc., particularly environment, healthy, education and cultural development related activities by establishing an office.