Oxygen is life saving unit!

Oxygen is available in the environment, cannot only save human life, but also it can save other species on the earth. You may be surprised how oxygen being generated and giving a regular supply to all the existing living beings in spite of it being consumed intensively. How is the production of oxygrn striking a balance in Nature?.


In the process of revoluation the plant life came into existance prior to animal life. Plants as we know, during photosynthesis produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide. Later animal life also slowly started to flourish and animals in turn supply some carbon dioxide needed by plants. Thus, the balance of animal namely, oxygen maintains a balance in Nature. This process should endure.

In the meanwhile, Man is medalling a lot with Nature. He has been responsible for extensive deforestion. He is rampant in converting green belt land into urban areas. By this, volume of oxygen is decreasing but pollution is on the other hand increase because of industries, vehicles, dumping of garbage and so on.

Since the Quality and the quality of the supply of oxygen is depleting, the health of the Human and animal life is in questionBy inhaling other toxic gasses along with oxygen mane is prone to diseases such as Cancer, Astama, Blood Pressure, Diabetics etc., directly or indirectly. If this situation intensifies and contineus for few more years we can't hope for a future for our generaions to come.


Can we manufacture oxygen and pour into Nature for the servival of our species?

Think twice!!!
So, everyone must grow one tree, to avoid the coming genarations to live with oxygen cylinder!
"Green in the environment is the breath of our life"

Hence, an appeal to preserve greeneries in the environment to save life and to prtect mother earth.

Please be with us. We need your valuable support and encouagement for the promotion of peace, health and harmony in the world throught the protection of environment.