Tree is life saving unit of creator.

Whether your believing or not, it explaining the following points for us to understand the value of each tree.
It explain that...
I am life saving tree! Do you know what is my value and worth!
Let me explain approximately for your kind information.

  • I am life saving gift of God to this earth.
  • It is your duty and responsibility to protect me for your survival.
  • I am God's gift to this world for survival of all living beings on the earth, I bestow oxygen for your breath, rain, food, medicine etc.,
  • I can not ask you not to cut or destroy Don't you have sense that I am necessary for your survival?
  • If you can't save me, will you take the responsibility to protect future generation?
  • I can't express you to not to cut. But you don't have knowledge to understand me that I am very useful for overall betterment.
  • Did you realize now what the individual value of me is?


Let me tell you my value and contribution to this world in a fancy way in your calculation.

For producing of oxygen Rs. 2,50,000/-

For producing food, shelter and shades for animals, plant, bird, insects etc., - Rs. 2,50,000/-

For preservation of sil by erosion and producing nitrates - Rs. 5,50,000/-

Protection of air from pollution - Rs. 5,50,000/-

Protection of earth by providing shade from sun's heat - Rs. 3,50,000/-

My individual total value is - Rs. 16,50,000/-

Think twice! You are the superior most of all species in this world. Tell me, what is your value?

Tell me what is your contribution for the betterment of this world.

Understand the gift of life and its value.

'What we are is God's gift to this society, what we make of ourselves for overall betterment of society is our gift to God'

There is only one earth where life exists in the whole universe, 'One Earth - One Life - One Vision'


'Save earth to save life' or 'Save life to save earth' Save earth to save me, save earth to grow me. Save life to save me, save life to grow me.

'Service to environment is service to God'

Your help and support will definitely make a positive difference in the society.

We need your help and support for our 'Save earth to save life' or 'Save life to save earth' mission.

Please join hand with us.