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Tree plantation programme

Seminar on ‘Environment Protection’

Awareness on Eco-Friendly Ganesh Festival

World Environment Day - 2002


Seminar on ‘Environment Protection in Education’

Environment Protection at House Yard

Forest Watch - Education on Forest Wealth

Plastic Free Bangalore



World Environment Day - 2003

Eco-Protection by Women

Seminar on Eco-Protection Awareness


Eco-Education at Summer Camps

A movement Green is breath

Awareness on eradication of Polio

  • Udaya Vani dated 12 Jan 2004

Eco-Education and Awareness

Eco-Education at Summer Camps

  • Vijaya Karnataka dated 4 May 2004
  • Udaya Vani dated 6 May 2004
  • Udaya Vani dated 13 May 2004
  • Vijaya Karnataka dated 14 May 2004
  • Vijaya Karnataka dated 27 May 2004
  • Udaya Vani dated 29 May 2004

Govt. Of Karnataka Award-2004

World Environment Day -2004

Eco-Dress Competitions

Eco-Awareness - ‘Clean School - Green School’


Submission of Memorandum to Hon’ble Mayor

Eco-Protection Education at SC Training Centre

Award Presentation Function

Eco-Education and Awareness at Scouts and Guide

Eco-Protection by Celebrating Birth Day

Eco-Education Summer Camp

World Environment Day - 2005

Eco-Protection by Women

Eco-Education and Awareness


Eco-Education summer Camp

World Environment Day-2006

Cycle Rally


Free Emission Test Camp


Student Environment Seminar

A think on ‘Health and Environment’

Edo-Education at Summer Camp

World Environment Day-2007


Every Day World Environment Day

Eco-Education at Summer Camp

Plastic Free Karnataka

World Environment Day -2008

A movement Environment Protection in Education


Memory of Chipko

Eco-Education at Summer Camp

Quiz on Environment

World Environment Day - 2009

Seminar on Environment Protection Awareness

Participation Lake protection

World Environment Day-2009

World Environment Day - 2010


Plastic Free Hotels

Plastic Free Karnataka - Awareness

About our Trust service

World Environment Day - 2011

World Earth Day - 2012

World Environment Day - 2012

World Environment Day - 2013

Eco-Awareness through Cultural Activities


World Earth Day - 2013