Water is elixir of life!


Yes, water is elixir of life. Because, one cannot imagine life without water on the earth. From birth to death we need water for our survival. Plants and animals also need water. The vegetation formation cannot take place without this water. That why water called as elixir of life.

Water available to us and we spend water continuously without understanding its value. We understand the true value of water when it not available in timely. The

formation of clouds by regular evaporation, formation of clouds and down pour of rain and again evaporation of tanks, ponds, rivers, seas and other sources of water is all a cyclic process. Nature thus, maintains the balance of the availability of water. Thus it becomes available to plants and animals.

We are getting water from rain and same water will get filled in ponds, tanks, lakes, rivers, oceans etc., The same water is going to stock in the ground by absorption of soil. We should realize the value and importance of water and ground water table. Therefore, it is our fundamental duty to protect and maintain water, rain water and water bodies.


Also it is our duty to preserve ponds, tanks, lakes, rivers, oceans and such water bodies without polluting them. In shot we must learn and maintain the economy of the use of water. If we show a deaf ear towards this, it spells disaster of mankind and other living species.

‘Save water to save earth’ or ‘Save life to save water’

If you want to gift life and wish to your future generation to wish nation save water. We need your help and support to save earth. Join hands with us.