Environmentalist Shivamallu

  • To bestow long life upon the future generation.
    Please join with us towards environment protection.
  • You can make a difference in society by supporting our Eco-
    Protection Services, people will be blessed with good health and
    sound mind.
  • Pollution creates fatal causes disease like cancer, asthma, heart attack.
    Please take a pledge today to eradicate pollution by way of Eco-
  • Supporting Eco-Protection service is the first step towards control
    of cancer, asthma, heart attack etc.,
    more efficient Global development.
  • Life with taking action for environment protection is Heaven,
    Life without taking action for preservation of environment is Hell.
    Heaven and Hell are in your hands.
    Please make the right choice for a better future.
  • Our life span are shortened by the adverse effects of pollution,
    You can prevent this by supporting our environment protection services.
  • Your support towards our Eco-Protection will ensure the betterment
    of present and future generation.
  • There is only one earth where life exists in the whole universe.
    Please join hand with us to ‘Save Earth to Save Lives’.
    You can make different by supporting us.
  • You can protect nation, by supporting our Eco-Protection Services.
  • Saving rainwater during monsoon aids preservation of water,
    the elixir of life. Preserve rain water and gift life to society.
  • By supporting environment protection service everyone can be
    blessed with good health, sound mind and happy long life.
  • Sound pollution increases heart rate, which badly leading to
    blood pressure and heart attack. Avoid noise pollution.
  • The level of ground water has decreased,
    Please take action for its recharge today to ensure a better
  • Value of water is known, when it is not available to drink.
    Still water is available in nature. Please take action to save it for better
  • Water is the elixir of life.
    Please save it for better tomorrow.
  • Air pollution causes fatal diseases like cancer, asthma, blood
    pressure, heart weak and heart attack. Please join hand with us to
    control and save life through Eco-Protection.
    You can make different by supporting us.
  • Men / Women who support environment protection service is / are Eco-friend!.
    What about you? Join hand with us. We need your support.
  • Men who takes action for environment protection service is an Eco-
    Man! What about you? Join hand with us. We need your support.
  • Woman who takes action for environment protection service is an
    Eco-Woman! What about you? Join hand with us. We need your
  • There is only one earth where life exists,
    support us to protect for our survival.
  • Everyone will be blessed by being eco-friendly.
    Do not pollute and destroy natural resources.
  • Pollution in environment damages ozone layer.
    Please take action for environment protection to protect ozone layer
    to save lives.
  • Smoking leads to Cancer.
    Please avoid and take care to maintain your
    good healthy, sound mind for betterment of your family welfare.
  • Everyone can be blessed with long life by
    initiating environment protection.
  • Existence of life on the earth depend on protection
    and maintenance of clean and green environment.
    Develop the green for better future.
  • Nature can satisfy mans need. But not his greed.
    Please take action for its preservation for your wellbeing.
  • Asthma and cancer are not curable.
    But it can be prevented by protection and maintenance of clean and green environment.
    Please remember ‘Prevention is better than cure’.
  • Natural values are God’s gift to all species. Please love it, Don’t
    harm it, Preserve it, Don’t pollute it.
  • Forests are the backbone of the Nation.
    Please preserve it for overall betterment of everyone.
  • The treasury of life is Nature and its resources.
    Please preserve it for existence of life.
  • The gifts of Nature cannot be produced / manufactured by scientific
    ways. Kindly preserve it for our survival by protecting environment.
  • Your life will be evergreen by saving green. Green is breath of every
    one’s life. Plant sapling to save earth.
  • Everyone has a fundamental right to live well.
    Please protect the environment to ensure this right.
  • We have no future without nature and its resources. Save nature for
    a better future.
  • Life depends on Nature. Please preserve it for better future.
  • By preserving green, your life will be evergreen. Plant one each one
    to grow crore of trees.
  • Picture our future generation living with oxygen cylinders. Prevent
    this by supporting us towards environment protection services..
  • Think twice before harming our mother earth.
  • Please take action for protection of water bodies in your District.
    This will guarantee the survival of everyone at your District.
  • Every day, mothers consume adulterated food passing on birth
    diseases to their unborn child. Please prevent this by putting an
    end to the use of pesticides, fertilizer, etc., in agriculture.
  • Our carelessness has generated extreme amounts of pollution
    diseases in the environment. Which is leading to death of many
    lives? Our care for the air will bring on a better future.
    Please initiate eco-protection.
  • Our first priority is to protect environment. Other issue comes later.
    Because life depends on a clean and green environment.
  • Nature is the root, healthy and happy life is the fruit.
  • Life depends on nature,if we are not protecting it there no future.
  • Please always think about nature, speak about future.
  • All developments including life management are inter linked to nature.
    It we protect it there is future. Please join hand with us.
  • Nature is our Treasury Please retrain its pleasure
  • Have aforestation Not deforestation. Forest is back bone of country.
    Please preserve it.
  • Nature gifts cannot be produced / manufacture by Human Kindly
    preserve it for surveillance on this earth.
  • You want to protect yourself Please protect environment yourself.
  • If you save green, your life will be ever green Green is breath, breath
    is life.
  • Protection of environment is every one’s fundamental rights
    Protection forest for better life.
  • Save Nature for betterment of future
  • Plant tree to save earth. Life depend on Nature Please protect nature
    for existence of life
  • If you preserve greeneries your coming generation don’t have to live
    with oxygen cylinder