Did You Know?

Please read the following to become a eco-leaders to ‘Save Earth to Save Life’.

Awareness is the first step towards wisdom and aware about the things will always improve, develop, protect and maintain your good health, sound mind and happy long life.

Be aware about the adverse effects of pollution to overcome the fatal disease like asthma, cancer, heat weak, heart attack etc., to save life. Because, air we breathe, water we drink are polluted and food we consume are adulterated good health, sound mind and happy long life is in question? Be cautious!

Do not spit or urinate at public place.
It pollutes air we breathe and adversely leads to asthma and cancer.
Please protect and grow greeneries it will always refresh the air we breathe.

Eat nutritious food to maintain good health and sound mind.
Please have a discussion with farmers to control use of pesticides and fertilizer etc.,
so that we may get nutritious food in the next crop for our good health

Due to adverse effect of pollution Globe is warming, Earth is quacking,
Ozone is depleting and Tsunami is alarming. Please think twice and initiate necessary action
towards protection and maintenance of clean and green to control them.

Do not dramatize the future.
It is CONFIRMED that, if you are not taking care for nature there is not future.
Because, future is also depends on nature and availability of natural resources.

Death rate can be controlled by preventing fatal diseases of cancer, asthma, heart weak and
heart attack etc., through protection and maintenance of clean and green environment.
‘Prevention is better than cure’.

Good health, sound mind in future cannot be possible unless until if you are not taking
care for protection and maintenance of clean and green nature.
Because, future also depends on present eco-protection action.

Do not think by paying you will get everything in future.
Because, nature and its resources are polluted and it is exhausting day by day.
Unless until if you are not protecting it or paying anything for its protection and maintenance of
clean and green environment you will not be getting anything.

Fatal diseases like asthma, cancer, heart weak, heart attack etc., are by adverse effects of pollution.
Good health, sound mind, happy peaceful long lives are by protection and maintenance of clean
and green environment. Please choose the positive and have a long life.

Wealth can be earned by good health, but health cannot be obtained by wealth.
But it can be donate and INVEST for protection and maintenance of clean and green environment,
thereby it protect and maintain your good healthy and sound mind.

Prices of things are going to be high? Did you know why?
Think before thinking about other thing.
Because, natural resources are exhausting day by day that’s why.

Air we breathe is polluted?

What is pollution?
Process of making air, water, soil etc., dirty is called pollution.
The mixture of gases that surrounding the earth and that we breathe.

What is water?
A liquid without colour, smell or taste that fall on rain, is in lake, rivers and seas is used for drinking and washing etc.,.

What is soil?
The top layer of the earth in which plants, tree etc., grow.

Be careful!
Adverse effects of pollution may cause cancer, asthma, heart weak, heart attack, blood pressure, diabetics, global warming, tsunami, earth quake, ozone depletion etc., Please do not pollute the air.

We organize Eco-Education, Awareness and Service project based programmes
to ‘Save Earth to Save Life’. Please join hand we need your support.

A process of teaching, training and learning about environment, especially in schools or colleges, to improve knowledge and develop skills.

What is Eco-Awareness?
Knowing that looking after the environment is important. In addition with this

Polio education :Polio education cum-awareness programme is important to save the life of the children’s and to eradicate polio (to warn of the dangers of polio).

AIDS education :AIDS education cum-awareness programme is important to save the life of the individual (to warn of the dangers of AIDS).

Patient education:Patient education is important to minimize the risk of a second heart attack.

Soil is erosioning!

What is soil erosion?

To gradually destroy the surface of the earth through the action of wind, rain etc., is called soil erosion.

Ozone is protecting us!
What is ozone?
A poisonous gas with a strong smell that is form of a oxygen is called ozone. A layer of ozone high above the earth’s surface that helps to protect the earth from harmful radiation from the sun.

Globe is warming!
What is global warming?
The increase in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere, that is caused by the increase of particular gases, especially carbon dioxide. It leads to climate change and greenhouse effect.

What are carbon dioxide, climate change and global warming?
Carbon dioxide :A gas breathed out by people and animal from the lungs or produced by burning carbon.
Climate change :Changes in the earth’s weather, including changes in the temperature, wing patterns and rain fall.
Greenhouse effect :The problem of the gradual raise in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere, caused by an increase of gases such as carbon dioxide in air surrounding the earth, which trap the heart of the sun is also called as greenhouse effect. Destruction of forests is contributing to the greenhouse effect. We are all beginning to experience global warming due to the enhanced greenhouse effect.

God has created a system i.e., ‘Ecosystem’ for survival of every one of us!

What is Ecosystem?
All the plants and living creatures in a particular area considered in relation to their physical environment is called ecosystem.

Acid rain may come any time due to adverse effects of pollution!
What is acid rain?
Rain that contains harmful chemicals from factory gases and that damages trees, crops and buildings is called acid rain.

Every one’s life depends on natural cycles!
What are natural cycles?
Oxygen cycle, water cycle and food chain etc., are called as natural cycles.

To overcome the above and to have good healthy, sound mind, happy and peaceful long life and to whish the same to present and future generation means please protect and maintain clean and green and support us.

You can make a difference in the society by implementing the following to become eco-friendly.

  • Control pollution and try to eradicate the same to control fatal disease like asthma, cancer and heart attack.
  • Plant sapling wherever it is necessary and protect existing trees.
  • Collect and read the information on environment and pollution to understand more about the adverse effects of pollution and its fatal disease.
  • Do not dump waste and garbage’s in an empty place wherever you see.
  • Maintain your vehicles by in timely carrying out of emission tested.
  • Save energy at home, workplace and where ever you are.
  • Save water and water bodies, protect greeneries, forest and natural resources.
  • Always maintain clean and green surroundings.
  • Reduce waste apply Reuse, Reduce and Recycle formula for waste management.
  • Always purchase eco-friendly products to maintain your health and protection of environment.
  • Fight for control of air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, acid rain, ozone depletion and global warming etc.,.
  • Fight for extinction of plant and animal species.
  • Protect green land and support for agriculture.
  • Always discuss with your friends, family members and community people about environment and understand them.